Hi there! I'm Claudia and this is my portfolio.

I'm an interaction and visual designer, with experience on several design projects focusing on user experience methodologies, that gave me the possibility to work on different activities from concepting and wireframing, to user interface and visual design, user interviews and user testing.

After Visual and Multimedia Communication MA graduation at IUAV University of Venice, I had a work experience in London for a year, before as an interaction design intern at IDEO and then at Native Design as interaction designer in the UI team.

Once back to Italy I had the chance to work for Vodafone for a mobile design project collaborating with the user experience design consultancy Experientia in Turin.

I'm currently working in Milan at Assist Consulting for an international bank group intranet design project.

Feel free to contact me at info@claudiazanon.com


Concepting, user scenarios, wireframing and functional specifications, user interface and visual design, sketching, paper and screen prototyping, research and presentation, information architecture.


Macintosh and Windows platforms. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Final Cut, Cinema 4D.
Coding (basic): CSS, HTML, Processing, Flash actionscript.


User Experience and User Interface, maps and data visualization, typography, RFID technology and everything that links together real objects and virtual world, social networks and mobile devices.


Download here my CV